Payment Systems Manager

1 years ago

A Payment Systems manager takes care of all business changes and support related to Payment systems: Swift, UAEFTS, ICCS, DDS, WPS and/or other related applications. The role requires interaction with various internal and external stakeholders. In addition, the role troubleshoots problem areas (in person, by telephone, or via e-mail) in a timely and accurate fashion. assistance where required.

• 8 – 10 years relevant banking IT working experience on PaymentSafe, ICCS, DDS, etc.
• Overall minimum 10 years of experience in functional and technical support.
• Solid Experience with applications and databases.
• Responsible for the smooth operations of (24 X 7) application i.e. PaymentSafe, ICCS, DDS, WPS, etc.
• Experience in using Oracle and MS SQL Server
• Proficiency in programming languages, J2EE, Servlet, Struts/EJB/JAX-WS, JSP, HTML5, AJAX, css, javascript and .NET.


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